Ultra Pure Water Technologies has specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality water filtration and treatment products to meet virtually any water purification requirement.

Many years of experience with designing and manufacturing of water treatment products enables us top produce durable equipment that performs well in any application. Ultra Pure Water Technologies is firm in its commitment to research, development and production of advance technologies that address specific Pakistani environmental challenges.

Our focus is on water purification and treatment equipment to meet the short and long term water quality requirements in residential, commercial and industrial markets. We provide the highest level of service and care to all our valued clients۔ Our clients list can be viewed below.

We have established a culture of pride and quality in everything we do. To us quality means continuous improvement. We believe that brisk adaption of new and upcoming technologies always keeps us ahead of our competition. We strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, while demonstrating strong work ethics and professionalism.

Right Solution

Ultra Pure Pakistan has the water treatment equipment and experience for any hydraulic fracturing project. Whether it’s the boron removal with an ion Exchange process, sulfate removal via nano filtration or iron removal using a manganese green sand filter, we have the right solution for you. Learn more about our hydraulic fracturing water treatment options today.

Cost Effective

Knowing your water quality, usage, and specification, we can determine the best solution for your commercial & industrial water treatment needs. Ultra Pure water treatment technology applications are used by thousands of businesses, manufacturers, and industries. Our application engineers create customized cost-effective solutions for your water treatment needs. We utilize proprietary software to determine viable system designs and to evaluate options.