Ultra filtration water system Water treatment process flowchart description:

When the original water flow through the first feed water pump and flow into the mechanical filter(also named multi-media filter) which filled with five types of refined quartz sand(number five types of refined quartz sand will be put into the mechanical filter for 5 layers separately ,at the moment, the floats,impurity,particle,etc which are more than 100um will be retained by the mechanical filter.

The clean water treated by the mechanical filter are less than 100um and then flow into the activated carbon filter which filled with Nut shell activated carbon filter of iodine value more than 900. The activated carbon filter can adsorb the residual chlorine,chloride of lime,peculiar smell,and some inorganic salt and organic salt in the water.Now the water will tastes sweet refreshing .

Then the water flow into a cartridge filter(also we can call it precision filter) of 1um, it filled with 3pcs melt spinning cartridge of 20 inches made by PP , the water filtered by it can reach the inlet standard of hollow fiber UF(ultrafilter) system.

Now the water will flow into the hollow fiber UF filter system . the pore of the UF membrane ≤0.01-0.001um. the water treated by the UF filter system and UV(ultraviolet) sterilizer will become mineral water. The bacteria,organic substance,virus,microbe etc will be completely get out. Produced water can conform to national mineral drinking water standard and can be drink directly.