Filter Unit Sediment Water  are used to reduce or completely remove physical particles that are larger than a particular size from source water. Typical sediment filter is rated at 20 micron (ok), 10 micron (better), 5-1 micron (better yet) , or sub-micron (less than 1 micron, best but the slowest). A micron rating means that all particles larger than that will be trapped by a filter.

Commonly used Sediment Water Filters are spun or pleated. Spun filters use polypropylene, cellulose or similar material that is spun to produce a filter. They are cheaper and will wear out faster. Pleated filters have more dirt holding capacity, some of them can be washed, and they last longer.

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Purtrex PX05-9 7/8 Sediment Filter features:

  • Type: spun polypropylene depth sediment water filter cartridge
  • Versatile and Reusable, allowing a variety of uses
  • Micron Rating: 5 micron
  • Core: Polypropylene
  • Meets FDA Title 21 requirements for food and beverage contact
  • The Purtrex PX05-9-7/8 filter incinerates to trace ash for easy disposal

The Purtrex PX-05-978 sediment filter is a Kinetico ® Compatible Water Filter. It can be used in place of Kinetico 3312 sediment filter.

Purtrex GE 5 micron Sediment Filters also replace the following cartridges:

  • American Plumber WP5
  • Aqua-Pure AP110
  • Aqua-Pure AP010
  • Bunn S5-10
  • Bunn ED-S-1
  • Cornelius COR120
  • Cornelius COR105
  • Culligan P5
  • Cuno CFS110
  • Ecolab 9320-1135
  • Everpure DEV910908
  • Flotec P5 155014-43
  • HydroLogic Small Boy under sink , sediment filter
  • Manitowoc K-00173
  • Manitowoc K-00069
  • NuCalgon 4712-87
  • Pentek P5
  • Puremark PFS105
  • Selecto 101-230
  • Shurflo 15-052-00
  • Shurflo SF31-SEDS
  • Fits Whirlpool WHED10 ( Whirlpool WHED-10 Under Sink System )
  • NSF-certified to standard 42.